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Criminal Defense Attorney in Lapeer, MI

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A criminal conviction can lead to life-altering consequences. To protect your rights and defend your future, get in touch with a criminal defense attorney the moment you’re arrested.

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Our attorneys have experience in handling a variety of misdemeanor, felony and violation (infraction) cases in representing Clients during processing, obtaining bail, helping you build your defense, representing you before a judge and representing you before a jury if necessary. Some examples are listed below:

  • DUI, Intoxication, Drunk or Reckless Driving, Moving Violations, Traffic Violations, License Appeals, Motor Vehicle Theft, Larceny, Burglary, and other misdemeanors.

  • Fatal Offense: homicide/capital offense.

  • Personal Offenses: Battery, False Imprisonment, Kidnapping, Sexual Abuse, Rape, Fatal Offense.

  • Property Offenses: Trespassing, Robbery, Embezzlement.

  • Participatory Offenses: Aiding, Abetting, Conspiracy, Attempt.

  • Retribution, Deterrence, Incapacitation, Rehabilitation, Restoration.

Call us for consultation as soon as you receive a ticket, are apprehended, charged or jailed so we can help you avoid hindering your driving rights, unemployment or incarnation.